Lavender is a plant with sweet-smelling, pretty purple flowers that can be used in various daily tasks. Dried lavender is as soothing and valuable as fresh ones, or maybe more. This is because you can have a continuous supply of them as they are available throughout the year. Moreover, you can use any part of your dried lavender plant to gain plenty of benefits.

What to Do with Dried Lavender?

Here are a few things to do with dried lavender: flowers, leaves, stems, branches, or roots.

Uses of dried lavender flowers


This is a common exercise to use dried lavender flowers in aromatherapy. Since their fragrance is intact even in dried form, they play an essential role in relaxing practices. You can use them as sachets, potpourri, or oils for maximum benefit.

Beauty Products

A lot of beauty products contain lavender for their perfumy and moisturizing properties. These sweet-smelling lavender buds intact their fragrance in even dried form; thus, storing them and having a luxurious spa time any time of the year is typical. Moreover, these are also used in making soaps, lotions, bath salts, and talcum powders.


Using lavender flowers in cooking or baking adds sweet, fragranced seasoning to your food. Dried buds are used in cakes, ice creams, and teas. Another way to use them is by infusing them to prepare syrups, sauces, and marinades. Lavender-infused honey provides a scented tang to your tea, fruit serving, or grilled meat making it more delicious.

However, its culinary uses require much wariness because it has concentrated flavor and can overwhelm the taste of your original recipe. You can also use them instead of rosemary, but then you have to be extra careful so that you do not ruin the taste of your dish.

Home Decor

Using dried lavender in home decor is an economical way to make your place look lavish. Their sweet flowery aroma fills the air and shifts the surroundings to a refreshing calmness. You can use them by making their sachets, candles, potpourri, and wreaths for some occasions.

Uses of dried lavender leaves


Dried leaves are prominently used for making tea. It has a perfumy but strong flavor with a hint of bitterness. This tea’s many benefits include managing stress and anxiety symptoms, improving sleep, relieving menstrual cramps, etc. In addition, lavender tea is known for its digestive aid. It treats indigestion, which promotes a healthy digestive system. Another benefit is their ability to treat bloating, which is why lavender tea is helpful during menstrual cramps.

See 9 Benefits of Ginger Tea at Night to relieve digestion issues and improve digestive health.


Dried leaves can also add a subtle lavender flavor and aroma to the cuisines. However, you must be careful as you would want to avoid beating the original taste of your dish.

Pest Control

Another practical use of dried lavender leaves is their insect and pest-repellent properties. Place leaves in closets and drawers; you will not see mosquitoes, moths, or bugs there.

Uses of dried lavender stems and branches

Home Decore

Dried lavender stems have a naturally gentle scent. If you are not a fan of the intense smell, dried lavender stems are your go-to choice. You can decorate your bedrooms and bathrooms with these stems, creating a soft, refreshing fragrance.


Dried stems and branches of lavender can create the best floral arrangements for any occasion. Moreover, you can use them to make wreaths for funerals and memoirs.

Fire Starter

Another usage of dried lavender stems and leaves lies in their fire-catching nature. They have natural oil content, which helps in starting a fire conveniently.

Uses of dried lavender roots


Dried lavender roots have a calming and relaxing scent used for aromatherapy. Their earthy fragrance creates a soothing and grounding aura that helps release tension from the body.


Even in dried form, the roots can be used to germinate new lavender plants.

How to Dry Lavender?


Lavender can be easily air-dried. 

  • Pick a handful of fresh lavender and make a bunch by tying the stems together.
  •  Hang them upside down in a dry and airy place.
  •  Ensure the space is warm; sunlight must not reach them directly.
  •  Let them hang there until the flowers or leaves crumble on your slightest touch.
  •  Complete drying may take up to 4 weeks


Another simple way to dry them quickly is by using an oven or dehydrator. 

In oven

  • Preheat your oven to 180°F (82°C). 
  •  Meanwhile, prepare your lavender for baking
  •  For this purpose, place parchment paper on your oven tray and lay down lavender sprigs over it separately. 
  •  Now bake for 30 minutes and let them cool. 
  •  After that, check if they have entirely dried since you don’t want them to burn.
  •  If you still feel any moisture, then bake for extra 5 minutes.

In dehydrator

  • Set your dehydrator on ‘herbal’ and place your cleaned (not washed) lavender sprigs on the dehydrator tray. 
  •  Let your dehydrator work for about 2 hours, and then allow the lavender to cool down completely. 
  •  At this stage, check for any humidity. 

How to Store Dried Lavender?

There are a few things to take care of while storing dried lavender to keep them from becoming rancid.

  1. Store after complete drying
  2.  Store in an airtight container
  3.  Store in a cool and dry place
  4.  Store in a dark place
  5.  Add desiccants to absorb extra moisture
  6.  Keep away from strong odors
  7.  Use within one year

How Long Does Dried Lavender Last?

Lavender, if dried properly, can hold its fragrance and flavor for years. However, consuming it within a year is better as its properties start fading after that. 


 Lavender is a fragrant plant that produces lovely purple flowers and can be used in daily activities. Parts like flowers, leaves, stems, branches, and roots can be utilized in various activities such as culinary, aromatherapy, ornamentation, beauty products, and pest control. It releases stress and anxiety, treats bloating during the menstrual cycle, and improves the digestive system. Lavender can be air-dried as well as by using an oven or dehydrator. It is best to use dried lavender within one year to gain maximum benefits.

How do you prefer to store and use dried lavender, let us know in the comments section!