As a matter of fact, rosemary is a go-to remedy for hair related problems. Be it hair loss, hair thinning, hair texture or the health of your scalp, rosemary water, rosemary oil and rosemary supplements are here to save you from hair growth issues. These saplings contain enormous nutritional value for hair. Moreover, rosemary has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps in the healthy hair growth. Additionally, it enhances the metabolic activity and blood circulation within the cell. Which means; it speeds up the functioning of that little cell working hard to push that little hair follicle out of your scalp. Let’s find the proper way of making and using the magical rosemary water for hair growth.  

6 Essential Nutrients in Rosemary for Healthier Hair

  1. Antioxidants- protects hair follicles from damage
  2. Vitamin A-produces sebum which is a natural way of scalp to keep itself hydrated
  3. Vitamin C-prevents dandruff, hair thinning, hair loss, premature graying   
  4. Iron-improves blood circulation in hair roots
  5. Calcium-supports in secretion of androgen hormones and biotin enzymes. These secretions are vital for healthy hair growth. Additionally, calcium also helps in better absorption of Iron in blood, which ultimately improves circulation.
  6. Essential oils– improves health and growth of hair, reduces inflammation in the scalp and soothes it. In addition, it also has antimicrobial properties which prevents many scalp conditions like dandruff from appearing and causing problems. All these with no side effects on hair or scalp.

Rosemary Water for Hair Growth

You can use rosemary as a natural hair tonic to promote hair growth and enhance hair texture. It makes your hair look shiny and healthy. Not to mention this is an easy and useful way to provide your hair the much-needed nutrients without having to oil your hair. 

  • How to make rosemary water at home

The rosemary water is easily made at home anytime you wish to. All you need is few simple steps to prepare your magic potion. 

  • Handful of fresh or dried rosemary sprigs
  • Simmer in water for 30 minutes
  • Strain
  • Cool
  • How to use rosemary water for hair growth

You can use it either as a final rinse after washing your hair or as a daily leave-in spray. Use it for a quick freshen up and vibrant look for daily hair styling. There is no harm in applying it multiple times daily as compared to oil.

If you have a sensitive skin then always perform a patch test before using it on your scalp.

You can easily store rosemary water in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. 

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth: 4 Ways to Use.

  1. You can apply Rosemary essential oil directly on the scalp to obtain its maximum benefits for hair and scalp. However, doing so can be intense and cause irritation for some people. The better way is to add it with some carrier oil.
  2. For this, you can add a few drops of rosemary essential oil in any carrier oil of your choice like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and gently massage onto your scalp for a few minutes to let nutrients absorb properly. Let it stay for 20 minutes and then wash. Repeat this process once or twice a week for better and faster results.
  3. An interesting and effective way of applying rosemary oil is to make a mix of essential oils suitable for your scalp and add a few drops of rosemary oil into it. For example, mix equal amounts of jojoba oil and grapeseed oil and add a few drops of rosemary oil into it. Or add rosemary oil drops into an equal mix of cold compressed coconut oil and argan oil
  4. Another way to enhance the growth stimulus effect on your hair is to add a few drops of rosemary oil in your shampoo or conditioner.

Rosemary and other Essential Oils for Hair

Some other essential oils with effective remedies for hair and scalp related problems include black seed oil, clove oil, thyme oil and castor oil

The reason we love rosemary oil is, it’s gentler and safer than all of the oils we just mentioned while having antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties also higher than the most.

Hair Growth Benefits of Rosemary Supplements 

You might want to add some concentrated extracts of rosemary herb by its supplemental intake.

These supplements promote hair growth with high levels of anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties incorporated in them. 

The hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is known to cause hair loss. Its conversion is stopped with the intake of these supplements. 

It also helps in reducing the oily nature of hair which improves the hair texture and makes it look more shiny and easy to manage with less frizz

Dietary supplement of rosemary reduces inflammation and prevents dandruff and other scalp conditions from happening.

Always consult your healthcare provider before using these supplements.

You can also use Maca supplements for improvement in hair growth.

Rosemary for Gray Hair

One of the major reasons behind premature gray hair is oxidative stress. The antioxidants present in rosemary oil protect hair from the oxidative stress.

Rosemary oil has hair pigmentation traits which may help in prevention or reversal of premature gray hair.

Using rosemary oil and supplements in routine improves the overall health growth, texture and strength of hair. This decreases the chances or sometimes delays popping out of gray hair.

The underlying factors contributing to the gray hair might be age, genetics, stress levels and overall health condition of the individual. For better results, one must identify and address them before going for any external solution.

There is no scientific proof that confirms the effectiveness of rosemary on gray hair, although it has been suggested as a solution by some.


Rosemary is a versatile herb with a range of ways to be used for hair health. Be it a vibrant look, growth, scalp issues or reversing gray hair; this miracle oil is the one solution traveled from ancient Greece to our modern world. Use it as rosemary essential oil, rosemary water spray or take it as dietary supplemental, this tiny sprout is going to do wonders for your hair and scalp nourishment. It’s a must add in your hair care routine. Give it a try and let us know in the comment section!